Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My dad is an awesome swimmer. When he was younger, he and his friends swam from the Red Hook piers (Brooklyn, NY) over to Governors Island and back, numerous times. My mom is petrified of water and cannot swim. I guess you can say that I'm in the middle. I can doggie paddle but that's it. I don't like waves (but love the sound of them) and if I’m at the beach and in the water, I must be able to touch the bottom at all times. I will never take a cruise and if, by some weird situation, I'm ever forced to, I will pack a blow-up dingy.

All this to say that I so admire what this young Olympian is doing (see below). With summer right around the corner, get your kids swimming lessons. Not only can it save lives, but they'll be able to cool off and enjoy themselves. Plus, they won't have to pack a dingy which I imagine, will be a big pain.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dream Seeds

Have you ever planted a Dream Seed for someone? Or, maybe someone planted one for you? Don't know what a Dream Seed is? Come on by Latin@s in Kid Lit where I'm guest posting today and you'll find out!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring and Things

Every year toward the end of Winter, I gleefully point out budding trees to my husband. And every year he denies seeing a single bud. It's become our silly tradition. But this year ... *sigh. I refused to allow myself the spying of buds because it's just been so cold and snowy that I didn't want to be disappointed by the still sleeping buds. But last night, driving home, I noticed the tree branches swaying in the glow of the street lamps and my heart leapt! BUDS! Glorious, glorious, buds! It really is Spring! Oh Spring, how I love you!

Okay, so now that you know all of that ^, I want to share scenes from Saving Baby Doe's book birthday with you! And boy, I sure wish I had one of those cupcakes right now!