Friday, April 5, 2013

Florida Middle School Students Show The Trouble with Half a Moon Some Love!

On April 27th, I'll be taking part in April is for Authors in Palm Beach Florida. I'm really excited about this! I mean, me and Florida are best buds! So, if you're anywhere near Palm Beach, please come by and say hello. You can read all of the deets here:

While I'm in Florida, I'll visit with the students of  Roosevelt Middle School. Even though I haven't met these students yet, I already know how AWESOMELY AWESOME they are! How do I know you ask? Just take a look at this book trailer they made for Trouble!

These students, along with their Media Specialist, did an amazing job. They acted out scenes and even wore costumes! There was even a half moon involved! I'm not embarrassed to say that I teared up while I watched. Students, you have made my week! Thank you and I'll see ya soon! xoxo


  1. i go to roosevelt and it is so cool to have you talk about how awesome we are!!! i will be there to see you. love your books!!!

  2. Well, you guys are awesome! :) See you soon!