Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I had braces put on today, people! Me! At my age?! Ugh. I was having some issues with my teeth and seriously needed things to move. Both my girls had braces and I find myself asking them questions since they're so well seasoned. 

Promise me that if you happen to see me and I happen to have something stuck in my braces, you'll tell me? Or, slip me a note or something! Did I ever tell you the time I saw Nicholas Cage (before his weird hair thingy) in Peter Luger's Steakhouse? There he was enjoying his dinner and there I was smiling like a cat eating a firecracker ... with a piece of SPINACH stuck in my teeth! Now just imagine that AND the braces. 

Holey Smoles.

Also, the visit with Florida Virtual School was awesome! Thank you to Jeanne Giardino-Zanegood for inviting me and a very special thank you to her daughter, Ellie, for suggesting The Trouble with Half a Moon! Yayyyyy Ellie! 

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