Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Attention Children's Authors!

This past summer, I took my ten year old niece to a book signing for this book: 

I cannot tell you how moving that evening was and of all days, I didn't have tissues in my bag! 

Elissa Montanti, the author of this book, simply asked a question one day: can I help? She wanted to help  children around the globe who needed it the most: the children of war, children who have stepped on landmines while they played soccer with their friends, victims of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. Children who have greatly suffered because of the decisions the adults around them have made. These children are missing limbs, have lost their eyesight, have been burned and worse. These children come from countries where they cannot get the type of medical care available in America. Care that would ensure them a better life.

 Elissa started with just one child and she didn't let red tape stop her, or fear of the unknown for that matter. 60 minutes, CNN and The Huffington Post are just a few who have interviewed her. Tyler Perry-- yes, THAT Tyler Perry, saw the 60 minutes interview and helped Elissa renovate a house where these children could stay while they receive care, which Shriners hospital provides at no cost. This house is called the "Dare to Dream House." Today my niece,  her mom and I visited Elissa. My niece has so many ideas of her very own to help the children who come to Elissa, her heart has always been full of love for others and I am so proud of her.

So, here's where I'm going with all of this. After I read Elissa's amazing and inspiring book, I asked myself what I had to offer these sweet kids, and the answer came: books. I mean, I'm an author, right? I'm around other children's authors, so why not set up a comfy reading corner filled with books signed by their awesome authors? It would be a great addition to an already beautiful house. 

If you're an author of children's books (from picture books to young adult) and you're with a traditional publisher, I kindly come to you and ask if you'd like to donate a signed copy of your book for the kids who come to stay at the Dare to Dream House. As authors, we know the magic a book can bring. Will you help me bring some of that magic to the kids who need it the most?

Please feel free to share this with your author friends! 

You can read about Elissa and the Dare to Dream House here:

Email me at: for mailing information.

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