Friday, June 15, 2012

Me & the Sunshine State

TROUBLE and I had an exciting time visiting libraries and bookstores while on vacation in Florida last week. Let me tell you, I was treated so very kindly by staff and students! A big thank you to Natalie at the Orlando Public Library and to Pam at the Windemere Public Library. I hold libraries responsible for my love of reading and most importantly, my wanting to become an author. Big hugs to you guys! Oh, and guess what? One of the middle schooler's liked my New York Accent! Or, should I say my New Yawk accent?

The bookstores had TROUBLE on the shelves underneath the Sunshine State Young Readers Award list heading which had me sw-oo-ning! Thank you to all the bookstores and especially to Geoffrey at the Barnes & Noble on Colonial Drive for making me feel so welcomed.

So, even though it rained the WHOLE time (except for a day and a half) while I was there, I smiled the entire time because Florida has shown me the love! As a thank you, dear Florida, I'd like to offer schools and libraries free Skype visits. Comment here or email me if you're interested!

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