Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have I Done Good?

My daughter (aka: My Buddy) is off to college next month. I have always taken every opportunity to point out safety issues/life lessons to both my kids (yes, I’m sure that maybe on occasion I’ve gone overboard. I said maybe). To me, everything is a lesson. And now that my oldest will be on her own, I wonder what I’m not telling her. What am I missing? What am I forgetting? Have I done my very best to prepare her for her new life?

My head hurts. Where’s the Advil?

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bodies Exhibit

Yesterday, we went to the Bodies Exhibit at the South Street Seaport. I knew what it was about. I knew. But, but, but—I didn’t expect to “think” about who these people once were. A woman somewhere gave birth to a person who was (hopefully) loved and cared for. A person who went out in life and maybe raised a family, had a dog, held a grandchild. A person who had dreams … And, where did all of that take them in the end? On exhibit stripped down to bones and hanging flesh.

Caution! Gross examples up ahead!

For example, picture a full sized skeleton, arms stretched out in front holding hands with someone of the same size as though they are playing Ring Around the Rosie. This person is made up of skin, muscle and organs. These two are the same person. The bones were taken out and reassembled. Can you feel the weirdness and strange sadness of it?

There was a complete flap of skin taken from a woman’s breast area (breasts still attached), a sheared off tattoo, a complete person cut in half from head to toe, another sliced exactly the same but only in threes, fetuses, embryos, babies (all of which I skipped—didn’t feel like crying and blubbering all over the place). The crazy list goes on and on.

I get the medical aspect of it. My 14yr. old pointed out things she learned in Bio class (yes, I was impressed), I even heard a couple of people around me who sounded like they were studying to become a doctor. That’s all good, right? But, but, but … it left me sad.

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer. We all think too much. Both a gift and a curse? Could be.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Going to the Chapel

I just saw this on the Blue Boards (my second home) and think it's absolutely awesome. Check it out here.

Speak for Yourself

I ask again, what year is this? What is so hard in understanding that if you don't like what a book has to say, don't crack the cover. Leave it alone. Walk away. Hide your eyes. Just don't decide for me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Breath is Being Stolen

My breathing is short and quick
My stomach is suddenly home to butterflies trying to find a way out
My ears have stopped hearing
I'm hating a man made of words instead of blood and bone
I'm reading The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams and I think you should too.

What Year is This?

Things like this make my stomach sick. Check it out:

Here is the author's response:

PW's response:

No Ice!

No breaking ice at my daughter's college (did I just say, "college?" *sigh...) orientation! Goody, goody gumdrops! And, the mattress was bad but no buggy's. My daughter did click with someone and they decided to become roomies, that is very good news. Less to stress about.

Also, there is a company who will rent the students a micro/fridge combo and a safe like they have in hotels. This means my husband's back will be saved-- there's lots of stairs in her dorm.

Here's my new thing, looking at pictures from when my daughter was little makes me tear up. I even had to look away from a mom and her little daughter the other day in a store! I'm hoping this passes very quickly. What kind of shape will I be in three years from now when my youngest goes? It's a scary thought ...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Second Book is ...

SAVING BABY DOE out in 2012 by Putnam. WhooHoo!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


That's what my credit card has been saying lately. My daughter is starting college in the fall and we’ve been out stimulating the economy all on our own. Yes, it’s hard for just two people to tackle such a large job but someone has got to do it. We needed two shopping carts while in Bed Bath and Beyond. They do have a program where we could’ve had everything sent to her school but come on, that would’ve been no fun.

I have to admit the thought of her using the school mattress is freaking me out. During the tour some time last year, I was the mother who asked if we could bring our own mattress. Yes, that was me. Those poor kids looked at me like I had something crawling around on my head. We bought a mattress pad and a foam/alternative down mattress topper. I did see a special mattress pad especially for bed bugs but let’s face it, at that point, they are all over everything in the room so what's a "special" cover going to do? Jump off the bed and stomp the little suckers? We’ll do the bed bug check and layer the mattress like it’s an open sore.

Tomorrow is orientation AND ice breakers! Yikes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sports and Me?

My family and I went to a Mets game last night at the new Citi Field. Apparently, it has replaced some other field called, Shea Stadium. I don’t know a flea’s worth about neither baseball nor any other kind of sport. I mean I know you have to hit the ball to kingdom come then run for your life. Or, you might have to get the ball in the basket, through the goal net thingy, over the net or, get a very odd shaped ball to the other side of a very long field while like, fifty giant tight pants wearing guys try to violently throw you to the ground BUT, that’s it. No, who’s, what’s or why’s. Is that sad? Nah, because I don’t care. What did I care about last night? People watching and eavesdropping.

The guys behind us talked the entire time. I mean really, I didn’t know men gossiped. They were going all Seinfeld back there. It was pretty funny. Then there was the big guy next to me who kept yelling, “Find a seat!” to every Tom, Dick and Harriet who paused trying to find their seat. I did take notice that he didn’t yell at anyone who was larger than he was.

I wondered about the people walking around balancing bags or boxes on their heads while trying to sell snacks. How do they do that? Do their heads hurt? Have they ever dropped anything? Do they like their job? Would I ever be able to balance anything on my head? Maybe I should
try …

Then there was a mom and her three kids sitting two rows ahead of me. She had a Farrah-do and was looking all sweet and like, “Honey, darling, what would you like to eat? Mommy will get it for you,” until she asked her son, who was about fourteen, to come closer to her-- then she cursed his butt out. I could swear I saw her head spin. Her pretty blue eyes tried to snatch a year or two off his life. When it was all over, she sent the boy back to his seat and she resumed her honey and darling’s.

Baseball sure can be interesting when you’re really not looking at the guys swinging those wooden sticks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This and That

I’m fleshing out a story. It’s like watching for an opening in traffic then jumping in when you see your chance. It’s a little scary at first but then, after you stress a bit, it’s actually okay.

I haven’t watched any television today but I know Michael Jackson’s funeral service was covered all day from top to bottom. Here’s my thought on Michael Jackson. I think of him as that sweet, talented, beautiful little boy who had his whole life ahead of him. I see his little face and wonder what happened. At what point in his life did he come to the fork in the road that led him down his sad path? Where are our forks? Our children's?

I don’t mourn for the man Michael Jackson became but the young innocent boy he was.