Sunday, May 31, 2009

Really Mr. West?

"I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph." --Kanye West

Awww Come on Kanye, that's not right.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buying a New Car?

2007 Saturn Outlook + NO Customer Service/Satisfaction from Saturn Uppity-Ups = Big Headache and Upset Stomach.

Remedy: Run Away From Any Saturn Dealership. Scream if you have to. Save. Yourselves ...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Dieting Noodle

My puppy must go on a diet! It's a beautiful day so we went for a walk. Well, we humans did. Noodle went for a ride ... in my arms! He couldn't make it the whole way, not even half the way. The little sausage. His Bologna tongue hung out like he was on a deserted island! Is there such a thing as, Puppy Craig? Puppy Weight Watchers?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Baby

.... KRIS! I'm blogging in secret cause my kids are upstairs freaking out. They wanted Adam to win. Honestly, they're both great and I know Adam will have a long career to look forward to.

Tonight, American Idol put on a great show. Kiss, Santana, Queen, Rod Stewart plus others. The strangest I have to say was Steve Martin on the banjo. Different, but okay. All in all, it was a very entertaining show.

Sushhhh ... I think they're still up there ranting. It's hard being the only Kris fan around here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barking Your Cuteness Away in Two Not-So-Easy Nights

We puppy sat for my mother in law’s cutie pie Shitzu, Poochie, last weekend. His full name is, Joe Pooch! He is so tiny, holding him is like holding a skinny kitten. He’s a barker but since he’s so cute, you try to ignore the barking thing. Until it’s bedtime then, cuteness becomes invisible.

Poochie does not like to be left alone. Have I mentioned that he’s a barker? After the first sleepless night, I decided I’d leave the television on for him, so that, you know, he’d think the people in the strange box were talking to him. Worked for a little while, I even fell asleep all happy that my plan had worked. But then, in the middle of the night, it started to thunder and my puppy, Mr. Noodle, is petrified of thunder so he started his own barking frenzy. There went sleep for night number two.

What have I learned? Being cute means squat when you’re sleep deprived. THE END.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No High School Memories

My girls were laughing at the people in my high school yearbook the other day. Sure most of the guys had serious facial hair and looked fifteen years older than they were. And, of course the girls had whacked out hair-do’s and bad eyebrows (weird hair for me but nice brows), after all, it was the 80’s but did they have to laugh so hard? Apparently, they had to point too.

The pictures weren’t the things that got my attention though. It was the signatures and well wishes and promises to stay in touch. I don’t remember who these people were! Was I really like a sister to someone named Monica? And Theresa, wherever you are, I’m glad I was such a good friend to you that year. To Laura, I’m sorry for not calling you— who are you?

There’s only one person I did keep in touch with and we’re still good friends today. I wonder why some stick and others don’t?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eight is My New Favorite Number

Oh, man. Today I had a routine doctor’s visit. And guess what he said? He said I look at least eight years -- not days, not hours, not seconds -- younger than I actually am!

After I put my reading glasses on to read the prescriptions he'd given me, I thanked him for the wonderful compliment. Such a nice boy ...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things That Makes Me Go, Oooh

Couple of things.

Saw Star Trek on Mother’s Day and loved it. The theater was nice and quiet. No one sneaking in and no rude people talking on cell phones or just plain talking out loud to the people next to them. I’ll probably always go to a movie on Sunday’s now. Oh, yeah. Tyler Perry had a part! I love him cause I think he's nuts and I love nutty people. I mean nice nutty. NOT scary nutty.

Wore out my re-dial button for Kris on American Idol tonight.

Watched the season finale of Fringe. Awesome. Peter is an alternate reality dude. Didn’t see that coming. Weird how I got to see Leonard Nimoy again-- he was also in the Star Trek movie. Sad to see how old he got though …

And the biggie. The one that makes my stomach roll up and my heart skip a beat. I sent my newest to my agent.

One last thing. How can it be that parts of my books sometimes make me cry? Didn’t I write the story? Didn’t I make- *make* the characters up?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Got a nice comfy desk chair. My butt used to go numb with my old one. So, yay!

My oldest used this day to make me cry! She wrote something so beautiful in my card, I had to take a break from stuffing my face with homemade Belgium Waffles to wipe my eyes. Sniff ...

I confess, it's hard to watch everyone else clean up without lifting a finger to help out. I had to walk out of the kitchen. I'm sure with practice, this is something I will be able to overcome.

Enjoy your day people 'cause tomorrow, it's back to normal!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Signs and the Big Guy

Tonight, a fellow writer spoke of prayer on his blog and how he’s happier since he’s started praying. It got me thinking of my own story and how/when I got the push to keep going when I was on the cusp of giving up the writer’s dream.

Due to an agent’s revision request via telephone, my hopes were way up and flying around my house like they were crazy. I mean, it was hope on crack! Then one afternoon, I sat down to open an email from the agent who had launched my hopes. It was a rejection.

I pulled my hopes in, told them how dumb they were and stuffed them away. I was willing to keep them locked away forever but, not without some proof. I don’t give up easily. My mother can attest to that. I plopped my head down on my desk-- actually, my head felt too heavy for my neck at that moment, and had a heart-to-heart with the Big Guy Upstairs. I needed to know, right then and there, that this, my writing, was what I was supposed to be doing. If it was meant for me to do something else with my life, I was willing to drop-kick my keyboard to the curb and pursue whatever my true purpose was. My heart was more open than I’ve ever felt.

Do you know what happened next, while my forehead was still one with my desk? I mean, the last word wasn’t even out of my prayer yet when the phone rang. It was another agent. She had one of my manuscripts and wanted to see what else I had. Though that didn’t turn out to be a yes, I had my sign. I had my answer and I pushed on.

Do I believe in the power of prayer? An editor, an agent and a two book deal later, Heck Yes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Mother Nature, Read My Lips

Okay Mother Nature, that’s enough. You’re so not on my good list! I’m soggy. It’s gloomy. It’s chilly. I need sun. I need warmth. I need to frolic!


That is all.