Monday, August 9, 2010

It's a Small World for Real

Here is a picture of me and Torrey Maldonado, author of Secret Saturdays, taken at the Red Hook Old Timers Day. We both grew up in Red Hook but *cough* *cough* I'm *cough* older * double cough* A-hem. Anyway, one year at the Brooklyn Book Festival, (I think it was there or maybe an email. Can't remember I'm *old-er* remember?) my editor said, "Oh, I want you to meet Torrey, he's also from Red Hook." Well, when we met, we were like wait, what? Our families know each other! And not only that, but they knew each other from when they were YOUNG! What a happy surprise! He's not only my brother from the same publisher, but also my Red Hook brother! How great is that?

Secret Saturday's is an awsome look into the lives and friendships of young boys growing up in a housing project. Yes, Red Hook. If you get the chance, check it out.

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