Monday, August 23, 2010

I am SO not Tyra!

My oldest daughter, who is nineteen, is the photographer in the family. She took my author photo and out of the twenty or so photos, it’s the one I hate the least. You see, the camera does not like me and I do not like it. Thinking I’m having a good hair day, good make-up day, good outfit day? Ha! All I have to do is say cheese and have a picture snapped of me. It is then that the truth will come out of its hiding place and slap me upside the head and say, “think again, my friend.”

Me: “Cheese”

Daughter: *Click*

Daughter: “Ugh, mom, smile with your eyes.”

Me: “HOW? Like this?” *Weird eye thing*

Daughter: “No mom, you look scary. Like this.” *pretty, very photogenic, smiling eye thing* “See; now you do it.”

Me, through clenched teeth: “How’s this?” *Double weird, scary eye thing*

Daughter: “Ugh, terrible and what’s with the creepy teeth thing?” *Click, *click, *click*

Me: “I love how I look in that picture Aunt Michele took of me and daddy that time. Can’t you do it like that?”

Daughter: “It’s out of focus, mom.”

Me: “Helloooo?? I know!”

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