Monday, June 7, 2010

And They Called It Cover Love ...

I am over the half moon (Yeah, so I’m corny. That’s how I like it … a-huh-a-huh) and I don’t think I could be any happier.



Seeing your cover for the first time is something writer’s dream about both asleep and awake. You wonder how you’ll deal if you don’t really care for it. You prep yourself for that. You almost, almost expect not to like it so that you won’t fall so hard. After all, how could another person capture a piece of your dream and make it into something- anything?

BUT the people at Putnam somehow, some way got into my head and took a snapshot! Can you believe it? When did they come? Was I asleep? They’re awfully sneaky … AND talented!

Sooooo a big Thank You to Putnam!

Cue applause …


  1. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously Danette, I LOVE your book cover and title and will be so proud to buy it for my kids and all their friends - errrrr and myself of course!!!

  2. LOL Ello! You da bomb and I heart you mucho!

  3. LOVE the cover, Danette! My almost-11-year-old daughter was just commenting to me the other day about how important covers are when she decides to pick out a book from the library or bookstore. I'm thinking of doing an interview with her on my blog . . . it's very interesting how these pre-teens think! :)

  4. Thanks, Crystal! I'm a cover person too. I hope your daughter thinks it's a good one! EEK!

  5. Danette, I showed my daughter your cover first, and she said she would probably pick it up (if in a library or bookstore) to see what it was about. Then, I let her read the blurb from your website and . . . now she can't wait to read it! She likes the storyline and also says she can't wait to read Saving Baby Doe either! So, Danette, I think you're on a roll! :)

  6. WhooHoo! Crystal, tell your daughter she just made my day! :D Gotta go finish doing the happy dance now ...

  7. Danette,
    Congratulations! I love the cover! --looks like we share the same infatuation with the moon :) Enjoy this moment. Looking forward to reading your book!

  8. I love the cover it brings me back to life in NY. Who is the girl on the cover?

  9. Hi, JoAnn. I love the cover too! Putnam did an awesome job. I don't know much of the girl on the cover other than she's a model. She's the perfect Dellie(main character). Thanks for visiting me! I love the company. :)