Friday, April 9, 2010


So, copyedits are done and they were painless. I owe that to my editor for doing such a great job during revisions. Next stop, typesetting!

It looks like Trouble is getting a new title. I'm not upset about it. Actually, I'm kind of glad. Whenever someone asks me the title of my book, I think they stop listening after the first two words. I still love the saying though and will always remember the rush I felt inside when I decided to use it for my title. The word trouble will always mean so much more to me.


  1. Yay! Seems like the worst part is now behind you, Danette! But I did like your original title, too! I thought it was quite catchy and just plain original! Ah well, go figure . . . Congrats anyway on this milestone of your journey toward publication! :)

  2. Danette,

    What's the new title? Yes, in the course of editing, it sometimes becomes apparent that a different title would fit the book better. The Hotel of Blueberry Goodness became The Summer of Moonlight Secrets. Everyone loved the first title, but as I worked on the book, it began to slant a different way. The new title fits it perfectly!

    You watchin' American Idol tonight? Tell me who you're voting for! (I'm trying to vote Casey James to the top!)

  3. Thanks, Crystal! Danette, we don't have a new title yet. I confess, I'm an AI drop-out! The judges were driving me crazy!