Sunday, March 21, 2010

First In Line

Trouble No Set Like Rain is up on Amazon! It doesn't have a cover yet but still. Yeah, and I just pre-ordered it. How could I not? Yee-Hahhhh!


  1. What? Your book's up on amazon . . . I'm going over to check it out, Danette, and put on mys wish list. I know you must be beyond THRILLED! :)

  2. followed you from Verla Kay. Like how you post about your revision process.
    So, the librarian contacted you? How did they know about your book? And how did your book get on Amazon for pre order? Did the publisher put it up? My debut comes out in Jan.- still no cover. Thought I needed a cover before it went up on Amazon or good reads or anything like that. Sounds like you are on the ball!

  3. Hey Terry,

    Thanks for coming by! Yes, the librarian contacted me. She got my name from someone on the PTA.

    It seems that once your publisher puts your book into their system, Amazon automatically picks it up. I don't have a cover either so don't panic. I'm sure it's being worked on at this moment!

  4. Thanks, Crystal! You're the best!