Tuesday, July 21, 2009


That's what my credit card has been saying lately. My daughter is starting college in the fall and we’ve been out stimulating the economy all on our own. Yes, it’s hard for just two people to tackle such a large job but someone has got to do it. We needed two shopping carts while in Bed Bath and Beyond. They do have a program where we could’ve had everything sent to her school but come on, that would’ve been no fun.

I have to admit the thought of her using the school mattress is freaking me out. During the tour some time last year, I was the mother who asked if we could bring our own mattress. Yes, that was me. Those poor kids looked at me like I had something crawling around on my head. We bought a mattress pad and a foam/alternative down mattress topper. I did see a special mattress pad especially for bed bugs but let’s face it, at that point, they are all over everything in the room so what's a "special" cover going to do? Jump off the bed and stomp the little suckers? We’ll do the bed bug check and layer the mattress like it’s an open sore.

Tomorrow is orientation AND ice breakers! Yikes.

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