Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things That Makes Me Go, Oooh

Couple of things.

Saw Star Trek on Mother’s Day and loved it. The theater was nice and quiet. No one sneaking in and no rude people talking on cell phones or just plain talking out loud to the people next to them. I’ll probably always go to a movie on Sunday’s now. Oh, yeah. Tyler Perry had a part! I love him cause I think he's nuts and I love nutty people. I mean nice nutty. NOT scary nutty.

Wore out my re-dial button for Kris on American Idol tonight.

Watched the season finale of Fringe. Awesome. Peter is an alternate reality dude. Didn’t see that coming. Weird how I got to see Leonard Nimoy again-- he was also in the Star Trek movie. Sad to see how old he got though …

And the biggie. The one that makes my stomach roll up and my heart skip a beat. I sent my newest to my agent.

One last thing. How can it be that parts of my books sometimes make me cry? Didn’t I write the story? Didn’t I make- *make* the characters up?

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see Star Trek!

    Danette, we cancelled out each other's votes--I spent the entire two hours redialing ADAM's number!!