Thursday, May 14, 2009

No High School Memories

My girls were laughing at the people in my high school yearbook the other day. Sure most of the guys had serious facial hair and looked fifteen years older than they were. And, of course the girls had whacked out hair-do’s and bad eyebrows (weird hair for me but nice brows), after all, it was the 80’s but did they have to laugh so hard? Apparently, they had to point too.

The pictures weren’t the things that got my attention though. It was the signatures and well wishes and promises to stay in touch. I don’t remember who these people were! Was I really like a sister to someone named Monica? And Theresa, wherever you are, I’m glad I was such a good friend to you that year. To Laura, I’m sorry for not calling you— who are you?

There’s only one person I did keep in touch with and we’re still good friends today. I wonder why some stick and others don’t?

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  1. I've wondered about that many times, too, Danette. A girl who was one of my best friends (since freshman year)in high school I now have no idea at all where she's at. Then others who I became good friends with in my senior year are now lieflong friends. Go figure!