Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Barking Your Cuteness Away in Two Not-So-Easy Nights

We puppy sat for my mother in law’s cutie pie Shitzu, Poochie, last weekend. His full name is, Joe Pooch! He is so tiny, holding him is like holding a skinny kitten. He’s a barker but since he’s so cute, you try to ignore the barking thing. Until it’s bedtime then, cuteness becomes invisible.

Poochie does not like to be left alone. Have I mentioned that he’s a barker? After the first sleepless night, I decided I’d leave the television on for him, so that, you know, he’d think the people in the strange box were talking to him. Worked for a little while, I even fell asleep all happy that my plan had worked. But then, in the middle of the night, it started to thunder and my puppy, Mr. Noodle, is petrified of thunder so he started his own barking frenzy. There went sleep for night number two.

What have I learned? Being cute means squat when you’re sleep deprived. THE END.


  1. I feel for you! My puppy is an Akita/Rottweiler mix. He recently grew tall enough that he can reach to wake me up by happily licking my face. A slimy midnight wake-up kiss. Ugh. And of course when I creak my eyes open, he's grinning all happy an inch from my face, super proud of himself. Not. Cute.

  2. Give me sleep any night! I'm woefully deficient in that area!

    BTW, good luck--hee hee!