Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love This Part Right Here ...

Finished my wip! Whoo-hoo. Now it's time to read and revise a hundred times and also for wearing out my hubby's ears!

This is one of the parts I love. The last sentence is resting comfortably on the page, it's all printed out, it's nice and clean and crisp. A sharpened pencil and I happily get to work.

I have an idea for my next book and it involves some research, which I really enjoy. I also have two older MG's I want to go over and tweak 'till there's no tweak left in me.


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  1. Hi Danette!

    Thought I'd drop in! Congratulations on finishing your wip. I know it must feel good.
    I'm STILL working on book one! I really gotta stop procrastinating & finish my revisions so I can send the darn thing out . . .