Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noodle and Wallpaper

Wanna see my boy?

This is Mr. Noodle. He's my puppy and a giant love hog. I can't get hugs and kisses from my family members unless he's involved.

He's very well behaved my Noodle is but, there was this one time ...

I was out walking him not too long after we brought him home. I came across this woman and her two kids. We started talking and she mentioned how she had a dog but recently gave him away. Apparently, he was nuts. She told me how he ripped-- RIPPED the wallpaper off the kitchen wall. "Goodness," I said in horror. "That's unbelievable!" Inside I was thinking, what an animal! My puppy Noodle would never do a thing like that. What a little freak her dog must've been. Humph.

Uhhhh ... guess what my sweet puppy Noodle was doing TWO days later?

Yeah, wallpaper must be mighty tasty 'cause he had a full five course meal that Noodle did.


  1. Oh my gosh he is so cute!!!!!! You didn't need that wallpaper anyway!!!

  2. Mr. Noodle is adorable! I saw your AI posts, too. Who are rooting for? Adam Lambert is my man!

  3. I saw you over at Firebrand! Danettes rule!

  4. Hey Danette! We do rule, don't we? Hee-Hee! I like Adam and Danny. So far, I think Adam is a better entertainer though.