Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American Idol and my puppy

I’m an American Idol fan. If I had to trade writing in for something else, it would be singing. It just amazes me that something so beautiful and goose-bump inducing can come out of someone’s mouth.

Don’t get me wrong. I. Cannot. Sing.

Confession: I sing made up songs to my dog. But, don’t tell anybody. I’d be too embarrassed.

One of the contestants said something that struck me last night. He did a pretty good job singing and during his ramblings after the song, he said, singing was like on his skin. I so can understand that. I understood the tears that made their way out as he spoke those words too. That’s how writing is for me.

Here puppy, puppy. Time for your nightly song … No, no. Don’t run! Here boy …


  1. LOL -- I'm the same way and wish I could sing.

  2. I sing, enough to do it solo in public (church), but I wouldn't mind if my voice was REALLY good. A friend of mine said just what you said, that when somebody sings who has a REALLY good voice, it's fascinating to realize that they carry this around in their throat. As for made-up songs, I sing them to the cat. I had at least three songs per child as they were growing up, but my youngest would always shout, "Don't sing!" whenever I'd start up.