Monday, January 26, 2009

Book News and Smiley Faces

... And, I'm back. For some reason, I was locked out of my blog account and since I'm far from computer savvy, I had to suffer until I could get back in.

Today I got word that my middle grade book, TROUBLE NO SET LIKE RAIN has been pushed back to 2011 and my 2011 book to 2012. Upsetting? Yes. Understandable? Yes. The economy is stinky and just couldn't help from bugging the publishers. Darn you (my fist in the air) economy! The good thing is my publisher, G.P. Putnam, hasn't had to let anyone go. Food and shelter are good things. Very good things.

A little while after getting my book news, my daughters and I went to Barnes and Noble. I bought Celeste's Harlem Renaissance and Tell Me Who. Can't wait to dig in. Anyway, on our way home, I looked down at my coat and saw a green smiley face sticker that said: Awesome! Well, thanks, I surely needed that. I took it as the universe's way of telling me that I'll be okay and so will my book.

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  1. PUSHED BACK!!!! PUSHED BACK?!?!?! WHAT!?! How dare they!?! We'll get pitchforks and riot, it'll be fine. Ha ha little green sticker